It seems that my best similarity with Thoreau is our method and what I aspire to become as a person. Regarding method, we both use walking, journaling, reading, and poetry. Regarding aspiration, I want to be a philosopher who wants to live deliberately through an existential quest that inspires intentional living. I want to write about this quest beautifully and poetically, ideally with images. I want to make philosophy as intimate as possible. These are his aspirations too. But this is where our similarity ends. In terms of philosophical content, we are very different.

Thoreau is a metaphysical idealist (Idealism). He is also a nondualist (Nonduality). In addition, he believes that value arises from nature Moral realism. Meanwhile I am a dualist and an amoralist.

Thoreau’s idealism flows naturally into his poetry, walking, journal entries, etc. Idealism seems to have a clear connection with art and the appreciation of beauty. The challenge to me then is how can I reconcile the affection I feel from nature while maintaining what I know is true—that nature is value-free.

Thoreau developed his own flavor of transcendentalism.

Question to myself: How can I combine truth and beauty in one philosophical practice?