poetry is appreciation training. Poetry is noticing—celebrating the moment—the truest truth. It is much like photography in this regard (Photography is mindfulness training). But it is a bit more complex as it uses words, which allow you to capture abstract concepts.

In poetry, we employ Appreciation of beauty and excellence as well as Renewed freshness of appreciation. Both rely on our ability to be present to what is happening now—baring withness to it. We do this in poetry, although photography does this best (Photography is the art closest to the present moment).

In the art of living, truth is important and it has a prominent place. But existing, being, meaning-making—these are the practical side of the art of life, which could even be more important than searching for the truth. And here, is where poetry can elevate a life. It can provide more meaning to the present moment and the life in general. Poetry elevates life by changing our minds, how we look at small moments. It is all about seeing. In the same vein, photography is like poetry as both are about framing.

You cannot include everything in a poem, same with a photograph. But that is exactly what the present moment needs. You need to single it out in order for it to rise above the larger picture, where it will only drown. Singling it out allows it to shine, to avoid competition with others. We are able to give all of our attention to it.