For photos taken in iPhone

  • Everything gets local backup
  • Then backed up in icloud

For photos taken from DSLR

  • Every 1-2 years he buys a Sandisk SSD 2 TB.
  • Everything goes there.

24 MP is enough. No need for 48 MP.

His entire laptop + Sandisk SSD 2 TB (Photo Library) Backblaze

He has a design and photography folder (4 TB) in his computer that gets backup in Dropbox (50% local sync).

Creates an external backup of laptop + sandisk via Carbon Copy Cloner on Western Digital.

For video, he included a 6-drive synology (30 TB).

  • Don’t depend on RAID as a backup.
  • Synology has a Drop Box Client which makes a 100% copy of what he has in DropBox
  • CM makes another backup of the Sandisk SSD

Uses a cheap storage option (Glacier) to backup his entire Synology drive.


Craig Mod. (2021, August 23). A Most Boring Livestream—Photo Backup Strategy & Editing.