iwanttfc: Trip to Quiapo

Screemplay = mountain climbing, 8 weeks


Movies to Watch

  • Your Name
  • Three Idiots
  • Magnifico
  • Never-ending story
  • Stories We Tell
  • Glorious Bastards
  • Midnight in Paris
  • Dukot
  • Poetry (Korean)

Sino ako? Find ourselves through writing. Your story enters your creations unconsciously. Write drunk, edit sober. Tahanan (Froi’s first poem in Tungko) Identity (temporal sense, what you think you are) Essence There is one story in the world. Recurring themes and stories. A hero with a thousand faces. Many heroes, one journey. Developmental stages. Christopher Vogler brought Heroes Journey to film. “Myths are the songs of the universe.”

Mind = layas Home = meditation

Elements of a story

  1. Storyline
  2. Sequence treatment - details; visualizing storyline, problems revealed here, outline, description of scenes (80-100 scenes)
  3. Script (dialogue)

Where to get stories?

  • memory (your firsts)
  • imagination
  • objects
  • experienc (personal or others)
  • news or text
  • what strikes you?

Imitate, innovate, integrate


  • I - imahinasyon, isip, insight, who am “I”?
  • T - tao (bida = vida = life), gusto na hindi nakuha, goal, need; your dream doesn’t have to be big; sugat na kailangang maghilom; buuin ang sarili; sinusulat ka rin; one primary relationship; transform to get the goal but sometimes not get goal but gets need. If I need to get home, I need to let go. What do I hold on to or let go?
  • L - lugar (time and place) - nature; symbiotic relationship with it; Wala Nang Tao sa Sta. Filomena by Joey Ayala; interior exterior
  • O - Oras
  • G - Ganap, galaw, gusto, goal

Children of Heaven Boses by Ellen

500 days of summer

Reverse films Ideal journey: redemption “kung alam ko lang sana” magandang magsimula sa tao genre vs theme

  • lesson, what you are saying, telling
  • theme emerges by itself as intentionally write about it
  • genre emerges after

A story is beginning, middle, and end but not necessarily in that order. Fact vs story

3 act structure “Suffering is the root of consciousness.” - Dostoyevsky Hidden Father by Kurosawa is where George Lucas got the idea All archetypes are inside us. Outer vs inner journey Heal yourself or other or both

“I kind of worship at the altar of intention and obstacle.” - Aaron Sorkin

Tao sa loob, tao sa labas Use panlabas to develop panloob. If binitawan na ang panlabas, anong matitira?

Research after writing. Huwag mong sakalin sa simula.