One of my greatest sources of awe is that every day, I wake up in a universe where love is possible—and despite all the bad things happening around.

Love exists, which means it exists in the Platonic realm. It is a pattern that we could replicate and which shall continue to exist even if we are all already gone.

But how all of these are possible is perhaps less important than the experience of love itself. Love and compassion arises from mud like the lotus (Understanding leads to compassion). They arise even from places where they shouldn’t—where hatred and suffering abound. And they move us and those around us—those who experience it from us. They are moved to reciprocate it to us and then to show it to other people in their lives. Love is contagious.

The greatest example of love involves an acceptance of our mortality for the sake of it. To accept that one could face the end of one’s life and of one’s Ginhawa for the sake of showing love to the world—to others (martyrdom!)—is the greatest proof that love is possible. Jesus was a great example of this. Love requires courage. Love is ultimately outward bound. Self-love is great. But eventually, love is outward. Love radiates.