• Lilim


The purpose of this weekly newsletter is to become a reportage of what is currently happening in my “personal development” path, which encompasses my intellectual life, my artistic life, my finances, health, relationships, etc.

Ideally, what I should be able create through Lilim is a feedback loop where understanding informs living, which informs Sharing, which hopefully improves living.

Since the newsletter is also published in the blog, it reinforces the Meta-Plan.


  • The topic of the newsletter has to be open enough to accomodate my many idiosyncracies. This has to be done so that I can keep writing it. I need to cast a wide enough net (not too narrow, not too wide)
  • Originally, I thought about Lilim as a newsletter about the philosophy, art, and the outdoors. Now I feel like I need a newsletter that simply accomodates everything I’m interested in.


The format should be doable in one week. It is simple enough (not too simple, not too complex). It doesn’t have to be a long essay. It has to reflect what happened in my life outdoors and inside my mind philosophizing in the past week.

The format will be:

  • a photo I recently took
  • an insight I am thinking about recently
  • a description of something from my life (a conversation, an anecdote, a memory)
  • a weekly summary to track your journey.
  • some external quote or research
  • The over all goal should be that I am able to weave nature, philosophy, my life, and the world of ideas into one beautiful piece of writing while at the same time recapping the previous advetures in the inner world and outer world in the past week.

Publish long essays on your most important topivs when you are ready.


  • Weekly on Sunday
  • Do one weekly newsletter first (then expand from there)
  • To be able to perform Lilim as a weekly review of my adventures in the inner and outer world, I need to have at least one good weekend day to dedicate to it. My rule then is I won’t join gatherings two days in a row in the weekends.


From Monday to Friday, I perform my daily routine, which is made up primarily of contemplating, journaling, reading, processing notes, and walking.

I will dedicate at least one day in the weekend (either Saturday or Sunday) to:

  1. Write a Weekly summary of my weekly adventures in the inner world.
  2. Write a newsletter issue that reflects what is in the summary.

In general, the workflow I follow is study-apply-report. I get good at studying, I get good at applying, and I get good at sharing. Then I use the different areas of my life as topics for study and optimization.


  • Build a subscriber base by inviting people first. This is very, very important. Apply Dan Blank’s advice.

People to invite

  • Doc Ofel
  • Kerwin
  • Velle Almazar
  • Jed Gregorio
  • Christian Tablazon
  • Rosa Mirasol
  • Diwa Malaya
  • Froilan Medina
  • Bevs

Daily Commitments

This weekly practice will dictate what I need to do every day of the week

  • Practice photography (walk outdoors, take photos, learn photography, learn editing).
  • Write daily (5MJ, Diary, Talakahon).
  • Read well (regular and selectively).