1. Be clear about your purpose. Your goal is to resonate and connect powerfully to your audience. Your audience will only resonate with you if they know that you understand them. You have understood them if you have uncovered their pain and desire and have crafted a message that addresses those pain and desire. We resonate with our audience through words. We only use graphic design to amplify the message.
  2. Focus on building long-term relationships. We will still aim to convert people into followers and customers, but we won’t do so desperately (i.e., converting them NOW). We take a slow, long-term approach that provides value to people for many years to come.


  1. Discover the ideal audience persona of the website.
  2. Visualize and make sketches of your first-time visitor.
  3. Identify your first-time visitor’s needs and goals.
  4. Identify the most necessary features of your website.
  5. Identify the primary action you want your first-time visitor to take across the website.
  6. Identify secondary actions if any.