I like to think of fame and recognition as by-products of two elements: authenticity and luck. This is also probably the healthiest way of thinking about fame. Fame should be looked at not as the end goal, but a consequence of our efforts.

My first duty as an artist and a general human being is to be authentic. In fact, that is the only thing I can control. While I could try to be more intentional about my work so I get to reach more people, there is always luck involved in such endeavor, and I am not sure it is something I really want to do.

Being authentic already takes a lot of time. I no longer have time to be more intentional about being more popular. I need to focus on what brings Ginhawa. I am not sure I want the spotlight. I don’t enjoy it. If I can surround myself with wonderful people, engage in meaningful work, and maintain a healthy body, I am okay with a low profile.

This is tiago forte’s advice too. Instead of broadcasting on a public that won’t listen to you, find a niche, a community that you can contribute to and do what you can to contribute in that community.

Aspire for mild success instead of wild success.


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