Daily life necessitates that I interact with other people. Aside from this, I am bounded by biological tendencies to socialize.

While my interpretation of external stimuli creates my internal reality, external conditions also profoundly influence my ability to generate and savor desired internal states.

I cannot, therefore, ignore external conditions.

For example, a world where freedom is optimized helps me feel more Ginhawa.

So, to curate my inner reality, I need to do two things:

  1. Practice inner work.
  2. Curate my environment to support my inner reality.

Since these are two different tasks, the question is: How much time should I dedicate to each other?

It seems like I could easily influence my immediate environment, but I couldn’t influence the entire world or even my country if I don’t hold power.

Powerless individuals can only influence large bodies if they form aggregates.

Their individual actions may seem irrelevant until it combines with others following suit.

This is still a selfish act. You do this to improve your inner reality and to make things easier for you.