An investment instrument should exceed inflation. If inflation is at 3%, the instrument should promise an interest rate of more than it.

People who sell the investment instrument in VULs do not actually have investments in that instrument, and do not know how to invest in other instruments.

There are fees involved in VUL. The tendency then is the company who owns the VUL gets rich but their customers don’t.

Some VULs have increasing rates not properly discussed to customers.

Some sellers blame the customer for losing money on an investment because they don’t trade. If you trade something, it’s a trading instrument, not investment instrument.

With all the fees plus inflation, a VUL instrument needs to exceed a lot. At least 4% or higher. But most VUL sellers cannot acertain this.

When someone sells you VUL, challenge them and show them how much of their finances are in VUL. They have to put their money whre their mouth is.

If you are agressive, invest your money on a UITF or mutual fund which have lower fees, instead of VULs that have higher management fees.