Research the following:

  • Pricing
  • Product names
  • Products

Focus on customer research:

  • what, when and how often customers want to buy (quantitative data)
  • why they make their decisions (qualitative insights)
  • why customers are currently buying or not buying from you
  • what they may want to purchase from you in the future
  • research current customers by identifying what they are purchasing from you and investigating why

Methods we can use:

  • Customer survey
  • Interviews
  • Analyzing past performance (sales, refunds, and repeat business)

Purpose of customer research:

  • understanding why sales are dropping
  • finding out what customers need
  • finding out what customers want from their relationship with you
  • identifying value you can add to your current products and services
  • building 2 or more distinctive customer segments and profiles that you will target—for example
    • business to consumer (B2C)
    • business to business (B2B)
    • business to government (B2G)
    • customers in certain age ranges or locations
    • customers with certain hobbies or interests.

Conduct regular customer research to refine your knowleedge of them and expand to more customer types.


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