Ever so often, it is necessary to use concept handles by other people. To separate these from your own concept handles in your Talahardin, include ”, after (insert name of author)” in the note title.


Alexander, S. (2016, February 21). Nonfiction Writing Advice. Slate Star Codex. https://slatestarcodex.com/2016/02/20/writing-advice/

I’m not too likely to discover some entirely new social phenomenon that nobody’s ever thought about before. But there are a lot of things people have vague nebulous ideas about that they can’t quite put into words. Changing those into ideas they can manipulate and discuss with others is a big deal.

If you figure out something interesting and very briefly cram it into somebody else’s head, don’t waste that! Give it a nice concept-handle so that they’ll remember it and be able to use it to solve other problems!