What is happeningInterpretationEmotionAlternative Reasoning
Lea is growing fatter.She isn’t practicing self-discipline.

She doesn’t take into consideration the people she love.
Anger, annoyanceSelf-discipline isn’t the only thing Lea needs to succeed. She needs a new environment. I am mind-reading when I tell her that she isn’t considering the effects of her actions to her loved ones. She does.
Lea isn’t able to save.She doesn’t think about the future.

She ignores me.
Frustration, impatienceMind-reading. I don’t know that. I believe she does think about these things probably more often than I assume. It’s just that she has deeper habits to tackle.
Lea shifts subjects when I share something.She cares more of herself than me.Annoyance, feeling ignoredI am jumping to conclusions and mind-reading. I am not sure if my conclusion was correct. I need to ask her what’s happening in her head when she does it.
I am spending my time in a less optimal relationship. I could be better somewhere else.JealousI need to honestly weigh the negative things happening in this relationship vis a vis the positives. Only then can I avoid “generalizations” and mental filters.