Wanderers learn by standing still Nonheirarchy in wdp Btg in substack

We do not need

Joe harjow ( a house of knowledge)

BTG - paraacademic in all these Para

  • distinct to
  • Beyond
  • Subsidiary
  • Disordered function

Honey gatherers for the spirit

Shut up and write sessions

  • friendship
  • Writing

Finding Voice is not just authenticity but also atruggle for recognition

We create social relations and forms of life (not artifacts).

  1. Nucleic shedding, be mindful of flow of energies and gaze
  2. Discovery is dismantling. Learning
  3. Life is short. Start even if you cant

Men should work on their own undoing. Women are already burdened.

“Allies” - is it even an issue of allegiance?

Joy Harjow memoir

Hindi natin kayng ikwento lahat We need others

Bilang writer may panahon nang hindi na tayo magsusulat.

When u r tenured why not help those with no voice?

Call to artists is to slow down. Nothing happens outside of our bodies.

Creative praxis is not craft but how to live.

My work is not separate from my life.


BTG. (2023, June 14). Half-life: Thoughts on a creative praxis of the undone [Substack newsletter]. Beyond the Ghetto. https://beyondtheghetto.substack.com/p/half-life-thoughts-on-a-creative