Sir Vince

  • good epigraph
  • palms as surrogate face
  • studium: general generic type of photograph; average effect
  • punctum: part of the photo that pricks (bungi ng tao ang punctum); kaniya-kaniyang punctum tayo
  • dahil nawala yung mukha, maghahanap ka ng punctum
  • rich terrain
  • if paulit-ulit na hand,
  • you dont want an average effect to go indefinitely
  • time element is fascinating
  • can you make the effect in the prose; play with time factor in the prose (uncanny gesturing btween past and present)
  • i feel like a voyeur; am i prepared for these intimacies
  • i want to run why am i unsettled (ethics to the photographs)
  • they gaze back at me


  • Aswang on the hand
  • Aswang ay AI din?
  • Cryptic mode but at the end she stopped. Why? For what effect?
  • Maybe some readers may feel tired that you don’t give them enough chance to get in.
  • the clear part of the essay is at the end; perhaps make some clarity in the first part
  • bakit tinatago ang mukha? ano ang nirereveal nila na humihingi ng urgency na itago sila?
  • baka pwedeng ilagay sa teksto yung mukha (para mabuo ang mukha); pagpipigil


  • functional grammar
  • audience ba ang family?
  • are the gaps intentioal?
  • unsettling should lead to finding the self
  • inconsistency in the redaction of faces
  • are there beautiful inconsistencies?
  • the reorientation is also unsettling but intentional
  • “revelations by concealment” that is why you do poetry
  • mas rich siya kung walang label


  • ID picture gamit ang kamay (na punctum)
  • preferred if walang symmetry para nakabantay ano ang next na ibibigay


  • the problem of abstracts not revealing enough


  • segundamano, retaso
  • perception of kasaysayan and ourselves


  • Hannah Espia


  • embedded in the process is an inquiry on the genre
  • Did you have a “Jehu moment”? Baka mareject ka?
  • when we are using references are we using it to vlaidate our reflection as opposed to using the referenes to enrich your evaluation
  • how will this be published? photo book? journal article?
  • the public life of the work might be the grounded aspect to make decisions in how it is created

It can be a method not just a literary piece.