Dipping essay How the Mind Works by Dave Madden The braided essay as social justice action by Nicole Walker

By combining the two, is their a third essay?

The practice of taxonomy of nomenclature

Find new forms to find better categories for our thoughts and emotions. What emotions are discriminated by genre?

Traps of categories. We create categories but we get trapped by them.

He wants me to be enlightened.

Alvin Yapan

  • Taxonomy should be felt.
  • Maramdaman ang kalituhan.
  • Lituhin moko. Okay lang.
  • The sheer joy of reading something you don’t understand (esp. taxonomy).
  • Tulip by Anna Pravorb
  • Stuart Exchange
  • Make me feel botanized
  • Orchid Thief
  • How was Waling-Waling discovered
  • The joy of discover


  • The intro was great
  • Pleasurable science books
  • Time for unlearning and unknowing
  • Anthony Bourdain
  • problem with Mamoth (is it a reference to the way we study?)


  • allusions, inter-textuality
  • not everything is alien. we can find something equivalent.
  • subject position of I should not show “Ah, America the Great!”


  • Padre Blanco, where is he? He should be there.
  • Si Blanco ang nagtulay ng scientific towards Latourian network.
  • Blanco has folklore and local knowledge.
  • The namer becomes named.
  • Isabelo’s Archives book about Blanco
  • Mercedes Planta? Traditional Medicines and Colonial
  • Content of theory is also what the author in the personal is thinking about. So perhaps jump between the two.
  • Make the personal more malapot.
  • Ending should have been at the beginning. This could happen if the personal becomes thicker.


  • Taxonomy is very straight (trabaho ni Adan)
  • Heteronormative
  • Formulaic ang braiding
  • botanizing vs biotizing
  • How to loosen up taxonomy?
  • Find the joy
  • The closure is constricting
  • Sarado per not warranted
  • The last section is unnecessary
  • the native asserts. more moments like this (p. 73 line 18)
  • No need to explain a conclusion


  • Birds of Batanes
  • Isabelos de los Reyes
  • semantic reduction
  • rehumanize naming and epistemologies


  • Voice: convincing and grounded on the discipline (botany and field guides); appealing sa tenga (tama lang).
  • W. Sebald: manages to draw you in and the position of the narrator. (may image)
  • infuse the theoretical with personal and vice versa
  • image text relations: make it ironic and contradictory
  • fish kills = concentration camps (without naming it); but topic is guilt of being
  • indexical: a picture corresponds to a particular reality
  • play around indexicality in image
  • Susan Howl, The Midnight: a tissue leaf divides image and text
  • dont forget this is a project of decoloniality: visual gesture might perhaps
  • mas lalong relevant si Blanco kasi may drawing


  • botany in the Philippines can be violent
  • biopiracy
  • Bahay Kubo book (wala kahit isa ang galing sa Pilipinas)

value of taxonomy is of social life

invasive species

Our Life in Gardens (creative nonficiton)

  • 1 chapter = 1 plant

Fruit Hunters Georgen Primivera

Seashells of Panay What can encounter of disciplines?

How can we process nature when we are not there? (focus on texture, amoy, so we understand even if we were not there)

  • Enter localidad in the text
  • Compare plants there from plants here

sociocultural context of those who are there