Lahat tayo bakla Pagbuwag sa metanarratives: cyborg, queer, hybrid

Entry points

  • queer: gender, identity
  • hybrid: colonialism
  • cyborg: feminism

Cyborg Manifesto by

critical theory (monolithic) + creative writing

Bakit walang sci fi sa Pilipinas? Bakit walang nature writing sa Pilipinas? (problematize)

  • 3 novels tell nature as nature
  • Abad, Bienvinido Santos “The Volcano”
  • outside of this metaphorical ang nature
  • pagtanaw sa kalikasan bilang kalikasan

Sir Ellie

  • how do we problematize something we assume is authentic?
  • authentic is not highly authentic
  • local is already an interaction
  • scientific but not scientistic
  • black and white din ba tingin natin sa hybrid?
  • magsasaka hybrid ang knowledge, cyborg, posthuman (nag-GGMO din sila, genetic modify pero para sa kanilang pamilya at community)
  • visuality
  • bakit mo ako pinutol sa video, nagmukha akong manananggal
  • awareness of your intervention to the creation of a new “authentic”
  • where is the nature writing in Philippine lit? political ecology (Makling Dulag case, the first pol eco anthro work, journalistic)
  • baliktaran: jejemon and english scholarly work
  • multiple languages: three columns, three different languages (abandon categories even form)
  • Five families: one chapter per family member
  • there are biologists who start by studying folklore

Sir Allan

  • hybrid dahil maraming concerns
  • juxtaposes pagbabakla at kalikasan
  • hybridity in sensibility: the meeting of different things in terms of process and thinking
  • queer writing = playfulness (comes from questioning the idea of representation)
  • ecocriticism seems to be not playfulness
  • use speculative and sci fi to represent nature (not just doomsday sayers)

Maam Gen

  • put proposition in the title
  • improve specifity and context
  • synthesizing skills
  • ano ang urgency nito? Bakit mo ito sinusulat ngayon?
  • write in the now.
  • return to the personal: basic yan ng storytelling. don’t let theory hamper you.
  • visualization: 1 page
  • Great Arrangement (chapter 1 “stories”)

Ma’am Joanna

  • issue sa “pagbabakla”
  • queer = bakla? akla
  • pastiche
  • ito bay hybrid o pastiche lang
  • hybrid is conceptual hindi patche
  • Jeep na Uso-uso (made from surplus ng Japan, chop-chop sa pier)

Ma’am Luna

  • Silent Spring
  • emotional truth in investigative research
  • improve observational powers
  • direct attention to the idea that not everyon has access to tech like QR code (citified experience)
  • Franz Arcillana
  • encantatory of style and manner of questioning
  • patterns of nature and how they talk with us queerify your writing
  • add Filipino intellectual tradition
  • pralye na nag-aral ng halamang Pinoy


  • move from representation to construction
  • how are the text you are putting here constructing so the literary work can have more agency? to change our minds.

Sir Vince

  • The demand of putting these elements together is so high
  • how they are conversing?
  • more ingredients you are obliged to make a relationship between all of them
  • solution: 1) lessen the elements (focus on cyborg, the others just support it), find the center where everything revolves
  • give me a sign that you are destroying something
  • you shouldnt just cite them, engage them. dont let them say the last word. ano ang ambag mo?
  • what is your labor not as researcher but writer?
  • Bluet

Sir Junley

  • module well-curated
  • queer ang Baguio
  • sinisira o trinatransform ang sarili?
  • kapag humahaba ang piece lumalakas ang centrifugal
  • write about many things, make it shorter; write few, make long

Sir Martin

  • We were trained to do research as if field
  • Where were you disatisfied in your training that made you move into the way to present.
  • Poetics: to go against standards
  • Make your deviations purposeful

Sir Alvin

  • identity is processual
  • what is the center where all of these come from? emotional truth
  • this is not about cyborg and queer (support only because it is experimental)
  • interrogate your relationship with your partner while you interrogate the stories
  • modular so safe.