A body has walked. The walking body generated this artifact (thought, insight, verse, image). To inscribe this artifact in space and time and to make note of it is to help understand a place through the body.

At the intersection of Cuzner and Sandoval I stopped to write these words:

She was too frail but married. He agreed. The following day, she left us.

Just months passed. No years, he posted a happy picture of him with a new woman. He feels so alive he said.

She’s dead.

The walk books should first be in web form.

Red flowers line up the path. My last memory here was the bugs that flocked around street lights after the rain.

A place is befriended through walking. A life is befriended through living it and telling stories about it, elevating, trying to make meaning out of it. In short, art. Life is befriended through art.

Imagine I was born this day. Inside a room. Imagine I was born conscious, able to walk. Imagine, it was here when I realized that life is inherently meaningless. Death thru my own hands makes the most sense.

But instead of death, I decided to befriend life. I befriend life by living it. And living is action, movement. I befriend life by moving. And reject death, inaction.

We befriend life by moving, choosing to live, continuing even if to stop is a lot easier. Like we befriend a place by moving. Walking. Kissing it through our feet.

Flowers over moss on my feet they feel so soft.