When I walk in Cablong I feel like I am being stripped by their eyes. Everyone is looking. Lots of them are just spending the afternoon on the side of the road. I feel being stripped even if I am a man. A big man mind you. What more if I was a woman?

I need to be alone in the middle of rice fields to find the magic of my walks.

Back here in LB, I walk and almost no one recognizes me. The freedom of anonymity. I do not have to hide. I feel solitude in the middle of a hundred different heads.


  • Walking on place to uncover memory
  • Walking on place to generate thoughts to preserve and attach on notes, journals revisited by mind walking. Then walking the places to remember.

Books that look like walks. How about walks that look like books?

Hi I’m Vince. I’m currently experimenting with walking as a method for living and writing.

As much as I want to focus on research and creation, I need to feed myself. Launching a Patreon is an experiment to test the following hypotheses:

  • the Filipino audience is ready to support its artists
  • It is possible to do creative work without the pressure of making money out of it
  • It is possible to do creative work outside trad institutions


  • when I am walking, I jot down a thought. I want that thought to have all kinds of identity: exact place on the map and time it came.
  • Enacting the songlines in the time of the internet.
  • What I want is to generate a map based on these seeds.
  • This is using walking to generate insights -> meaning of place -> recreating landscape (the map created from this is your universe)

If I am interested in memory and walking then this naturally traverses history