While on a jeep

A parade for the dead A boy Just 6 years old His photo shows eyes pitch dark Engulfing the entire ball The kabaong too small for anyone The line too short People here are friends of the child’s parents, grandparents His life too short to accomodate a longer line

Rewalking to relive memories? The paths will no longer be the same. Will this mean that some things will forever be forgotten?

Wafted Enraptured

Research: how to make money as an artist to fund your art

While walking at Cablong

Lato-lato everywhere Tricycle selling fish (weighing scale on large ice box) Small girl child on small bicyle pulled by an older girl with an attached string

Walking is awkwardness training

Sometimes words come while walking. More often they arrive when I have arrived.

Create a universe

Burning bamboo