First time to notice that walkway of the Institute of Cooperative and Bioenterprise Development looks like a good tambayan and students do use it as such.

Kingfishers are perched on the wires that hold the antenna tower. Why do they go here even if there is no water?

Minca’s memorial altar is still there.

I imagine that there is something dead at the middle of Molawin stream. A human. Dark Brown. Curbed like a human foetus. He wears gray pants. A farmer.

On this hill, a part of Putho-Tuntungin, trees are allowed to grow so much that they resemble large caves on the side of the hill.

I saw a woman clearly a resident not a faculty or worker enter a road that leads to the secret shop. Perhaps there are paths here I havent walked yet? I will invite Ju to show me where I can and cannot walk here.

Perhaps I dont have to track specific routes, just areas. Ex: along pili drive, freedom park, etc.