There are people for example who dont want to put a price on any of their work. Does this mean that they think about their work lowly? I dont think so. Some of these artists think their work is so good it transcends the exchange economy.

I remember the frogs and toads I would meet along the way when I go home at Sta. Maria.

Terrible darkness at uplb now A guard at waiting shed A runner Few people walking Cars

Guards huddled inside the guardhouse

I heard students say Maaga tayong matutulog ngayon

Workers around the fire talking Makiling’s shadow Students walking without lights Riding bikes without lights Walking voices

Students gathered outside their dorm around a single dim light still loud the guard perhaps putting up with all their noise vigorously fanning

I walk My light moves with my feet Touches the road touches the trees I raise my head to the trees

Venus the only light visible

I heard about the cats And my heart went to them But in the evening i walked still And saw a frog flattened on the ground And felt almost nothing How was I different from the driver?

How will we ever truly love? Will we ever be consistent?

Dalcielo all bright misty foggy bright