To do

  • Transform this note to an observation while walking at Banahaw Street.

Whenever I walk, I try to remember what isn’t usually obvious: that these roads I am walking at were not here before. What we call eskinitas are an imported concept. The paths we walk themselves are colonial constructions. This was once a line of trees or a swamp or even a tributary of Molawin. God knows what. Point is: these roads didn’t always look like this. And in a hundred years, they won’t look like they do today.

Two days after the inauguration of the new Oblation park, a bird decided to perch on the right strwtches arm of the oblation

This is exactly what I want to do: solitude in nature. To study it and understand mankind through it. Not the other way around.

But I want to make the Philippines my subject. Nature writing focused in the Philippines, landscape, place-based, personal, and also cheap and domestic. From the perspective of someone who couldnt afford the long travels.