I walk because my days are usually monotonous and walks give me the chance to experience something new everyday no matter how small.

The rain that should have fallen hours ago is now a thick fog crawling beside me at Ela Ave.

As churchgoers sing, two girls in green shirts, twins perhaps, cross the street with ponytails prancing behind their heads.

A German Shepherd on a leash pulls the bigger girl toward her father also being pulled by a similar dog.

I trail behind them from a good distance careful not to disturb their most precious affair.

But surrendering to my desire to eavsdrop I came nearer only to smell the funniest of smells:

Fresh dog breath and saliva mixed with fog.

Daily reading outdoors has to be part of my days.

For the book, use Thoreau’s way: universal then local then individual

Who would have thought that I would be in LB at this time?

Existential description.

Then describe LB.

Then describe this specific part of the walk.

My walk is befriending life and place and finding home.