Garlic vine flower buds before they bloom remind of untouched lips.

The red car parked on the right side of the road over fresh green grass is a lady in red resting.

Slow afternoon

Trike drivers waiting Quietly Everything and everyone is quiet Lb is like its former self the morning before the bombing

I saw him again the tall deaf boy Riding his bike I envy him because he has his silence with him forever.

I walk in the middle of the road In the middle of students dressed in the fanciest clothes He was holding him on the shoulders as he blew me a smoky kiss There as I walked between students

This gray car reminds me of a snake.

You have what I covet and yet perhaps you don’t know how blessed you are

all you know is that in their attempts to talk to you to love you they also can’t help but to make fun of you

The trees told me to stop saying tree shadows. They say the term is redundant. Trees, specially those deepest in the forest, no matter how enormous and intimidating, are shadows. We seldom remember them. We seldom see them.

Kapag umiikot ba ang mga alitaptap sa maliwanag na ilaw sa kalsada nakikirta ba nila ang kanilang sarili sa salamin O lumiliyab kaya sila panandalian Malmang nararamdaman nila ang init