I heard a high pitched sound. It reminded me of the kittens we found missing. Brought out fear that I might be confronted woth another ethiacal decision. Then heard it again and recognized a bird’s call. This sound is by a powerful creature from above not a helpless creature thrown below. I am relieved.

Ala-ala’t muni habang naglalakad.

For discovering new music, you don’t have to peek into other people’s playlists, just find recommendations based on what you are already listening. And expand from there. Spotify is good at this.

Dead dog left on the side of the road towards the sentinels of forestry.

Modified annual review

  1. Edit annual report for public consumption.
  2. What intentions were achieved?
  3. What intentions were not achieved?
  4. What unexpected projects and wins happened
  5. What intentions are set for the coming new year?

A guard is listening to a bible reading in Filipino incorporated into a talk via radio or phone?