1. Read and took notes on the book A Philosophy of Walking by Robert Gross.
  2. I studied Thich Nhat Hanh’s work.
  3. I improved my Annual Review process.
  4. I started studying web design and development.
  5. I built the Kaliskis Na Ulap site using Hugo.
  6. I read Transcend by Scott Barry Kaufman.
  7. I improved the sky level system of my LMS.
  8. Launched Uman and published ? issues.
  9. I learned how to use a custom domain for my notes when they were still in Craft.
  10. I migrated my main website (vinceimbat.com) from Wordpress to Hugo.
  11. I was able to articulate more clearly the kind of philosophy I want to engage in. I knew I wanted to practice philosophy that was practical and improves my way of life. I also wanted to incorporate contemplation.
  12. I attended what is perhaps the best wedding I have ever witnessed: Beth and JA’s wedding.
  13. My mom get through diabetes complications and avoiding her total loss of eyesight through the help of my family.
  14. My reaearch about the question “What motivates us humans?” which led me to understanding the difference between positive psychology and humanistic psychology.
  15. My research on the meaning of life.
  16. My structure note for LMS.
  17. Seeing my family in Baguio for the first time in two years since the pandemic.
  18. Walking around Baguio two years since the pandemic.
  19. Walking Makiling Botanic Gardens for the first time.
  20. Discovering a silent trail at the Matic-Matic Maronong road, which became my favorite trail at Sta. Barbara.
  21. Accompanying Josh and Megs at Baguio.
  22. Walking alone at Yellow Trail after a long time.
  23. Went to San Nicolas, Batangas with Lea’s friends and seeing Taal up close.
  24. Travelling at Calayo, Batangas with Lea’s family.
  25. Seeing Tagaytay for the first time since Kuya Ulysses’ wedding.
  26. Realizing that all the writing I do should accrete and go to an offer to the world. That offer is beautiful non-fiction books that combine narrative, philosophy, culture, history, and photography.
  27. Climbing Mt. Makiling until Aguila base several times with friends.
  28. Learning how to incorporate all kinds of writing I do into my zettelkasten.
  29. My research about writers who were influenced by Thoreau. I started reading Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard and Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey. I learned that I wanted to write a book made of vignettes.
  30. Reading DIY MFA and finding a simple framework to follow to build a writing life and career.
  31. Migrating from Craft to Obsidian and feeling more autonomy in managing my notes.
  32. Had my blackout poems exhibited at the Tungko exhibit.
  33. Traveling to Baguio with Lea for the first time.
  34. Bringing our entire family together to Pangasinan for the first time since the pandemic.
  35. Seeing Rizal shrine for the first time.
  36. Getting some health indexes checked and learning that my blood sugar is normal.
  37. Narrativizing Uman’s April 2022 edition.
  38. Relaunching Lilim after intentionally lengthening my afternoon walks and realizing I have so much to share about walking.
  39. Discovering the story of the UPLB internment camp ang retracing its boundaries during an afternoon walk.
  40. Walking around Lopez, Quezon’s fishponds and town and visiting Santino’s Farmville.
  41. Craig Mod shared my essay about how his work changed my life and that resulted to some traffic and follows.
  42. Visiting the new Siento and spending several afternoons with Lea and some friends there. Their sticky bun is my favorite!
  43. Walking with Rem around UPLB.
  44. Bonded with friends.
  45. Getting a poem and translation published in TLDTD.
  46. Walking from LB to San Pablo in a two-day solo walk.
  47. Being with family I haven’t seen since the pandemic (a cousin and her fiance from the UK and aunts and an uncle from the States).
  48. Launching The Long Walk and learning how to use Substack along the way.
  49. Lea moving in with me.
  50. Learning how to budget with Lea using YNAB.
  51. Reading the following books:
  52. Mama and Papa walked with me.
  53. Holding the firsr Fruit Salad in-person meetup.
  54. Extended love to three more stray cats (Poppy, Keeley, and Carillon). Keeley, the kitten, died. But we always remember her.
  55. Meeting Rofel Brion in person.
  56. Spending a last evening with Rem at San Pablo.
  57. Experiencing the power of community and camaraderie during Rem’s wake and after.
  58. Learning how to be a better freelancer and meeting members of the Freelance Movement in person.
  59. Visiting Tanay and climbing Mt. Kulis.
  60. Eating at ? again and recreating our first date.
  61. Learning how to read the night sky.
  62. Arrived at a strong convergence tool, an answer to the question, what do I want? To live an independent creative and contemplative life.
  63. Meeting Sir Melchor, Lex Castillo, and Santiago Villafaniaa and reconnecting with Pangasinan.
  64. I started prototyping a life management system program for Lea.
  65. Spending a quiet Christmas and New Year just with Lea.

You can create a note for each place then a rough observation of it. Write observations whenever you return.