I saw the most heartwarming and heartbreaking scene a while ago. I wanted to take a photo of it but decided not to as it felt predatory and I couldn’t be prey to such a precious moment.

A couple sits under dim light on the bleachers overlooking the freedom park field. A dog sits beside the girl. A shi tzu. The girl caresses the dog’s fur. The couple looks at the dog—there silently enjoying the moment with the two lovers.

One day one of them will be gone. One by one. Tragically all at the same time. But this specific moment of which I was the witness. This is the reason why I feel awe everytime I think about the throwness nature of life.

I help people live intentional lives by incorporating principles of intentional action with timeless wisdom .

What is it that you truly want? How can we design a life and live a life where you have more of what you want and less of what you don’t want?

Create a concentric circle. At the middle what you want and around it things you use to support what you want.

If you are paid to do what you want and you can freely do anything and then you don’t give an exact price to it, that is a gift.

Even if you are paid to do what you want but you out an exact price to it, it is still an exchange.

To do what you truly want and to offer that freely, accepting whatever others give you, is where the gift lies.