Make quality of action your intention

The more time I spend contemplating the mystery and big questions of life + the more I play and create stories, the better life I have.

I know I could be living many lives but this is what makes the most sense to me right now. This is the loudest call. That my strengths, experiences, and well-being will be best used if I spend most days flowing via independent creative projects that deepen my sense of meaning and self in the context of the world.

This is what I am commiting to at least for now.

The biggest problem is how does one support oneself while doing this calling? How can one align one’s livelihood more to it?

Ms. Lea teaches at the univ. Rev. Tet has a business.

How can you make sure your spirituality and creativity are taken cared of while your material needs are still met.

Do interviews

  • andrew brown
  • Ms lea
  • Rev tet

To help people like me find their well, create their own belief system, find community/support, and live a good life