Hindi kailangan ng reorientation. Integration lang. wag mong kalimutan kung saan ka itinuro.

Ang desire ko to try to be as compassionate as possible.

The greatest challenge of all is to love the unloveable because it is not only that person you are navigating but the entire collective of people who hates him.

Distancing and dissassociating is not hating. I could dissassociate and distance without treating the other person as irretrievable.

Moral language is so entrenched in our culture it is so hard to go against it. Should I avoid what is hard? The right answer is no.

It is too early to write his biography. Too fresh. Is story has to be understood and reunderstood and i dont want to turn him into a deity.

The only reason i should stay in these circles is to learn compassion and hopefully spur interfaith conversations.

May sining ang pagaalinlangan Hindi ka nagsasalita agad Hindi ka nagsasalita ng tapos Marunong kang magantay Nagiingat ka

Iniiwasan mong magpropesiya

Hindi ka mabilis manghusga

Lahat ng nasambit kailangang ulitin dahil walang nakikinig