Termites all around.

Short bamboo stems cut and placed inside a garbage bag.

If truth comes when we least expect it, part of the work is to find a trade or several that we can do while waiting for the insight to come.

Chopped banana tree

Saw an ocean blue tinge. Prolly a kingfisher behind these trees.

A fallen tree. Cut was almost natural. Termites? Or did they fell it from below through a rope? Down. Broken branches. Someone fetched some firewood.

Is it possible they fell it because it was obstructing the road from widening? Or the wires above? Its the only tree allowed to grow within the road cement.

Termites are eating this other tree in front of me.

Suddenly a cry! A bird. Lots of bird chirping behind those trees.

Experiment. Write outdoors using analog materials.

Ants. Lots of ants. Eating a fruit that dropped. Proly sweet?

This is the only place in LB where I can truly hear myself. And this is why I walk. Not to see the world although that will be nice. But to hear myself first and foremost. If I live in Japan, I could prolly do both at the same time.

Project: do a daily pilgrimage here for at least one week.

How can I make a life that spends more time outdoors finding my muse than indoors in front of a computer?

Can you hear it purr Like a cat Around the legs of its master This evening This warm evening


Now I get what bugbee is saying. U cant use faith for a practical purpose. U arrive into it. U cant recommend it. Its like when u arrived at the unmoving mover. Faith is the end. U can no longer use reason. But there is nothing beyond faith. There is no understanding after it. Faith is the end.