If Gy walked on the never-ending bridge On that summer night She might still be here with us And yet She walked Not on the bridge But on that godforsaken bus

I wonder How often did Gy looked up At the moon To see it as if for the last time I hope she did so As often as she can.

Did she giggled too On this benches Surrounded with friends As she imitates

Or did she Followed her solitude sometimes

If Gy walked on this never-ending bridge Who knows She might still be here

But everything eventually ends The sun The stars The universe

This bridge This bridge Shall too end And everything vanishes Into myth

I read how the word “generous” is used. For example, in the intro to lyric philo article, the author used “a generous definition” to refer to Zwicky’s definition of philosophy.

We have a bias towards what is avant garde. We scroll down from the newest to the oldest. But following someone esle’s footprints always starts at the oldest print.