I have started to feel skeptical of capitalism. I am in search of a middle ground. I still think it is the way to optimizing human freedom. But it can be taken far ahead. With community out. What is the best way to live an economic life?

Yes the five categories of actions still apply. But the subject has to be clarified now as well as the form.

I do not want to cage myself in walking excursions.

I want to focus on the personal essay (the memoir genre) as my craft. From there, lyrical philosophy naturally arises because I talk about my intellectual musings. Then poetry too and photography can be inserted. But it is the celebration of this one gift of life that will be the center of the art.

Start with my story. The background. Then where I am now. Then where I am going.

Perhaps start with vignettes. The sweetspot. Between a long memoirbook and a poem.

Vignettes I can write

  • living as a JW

Focus on the main thing. Obviously there is a lot you want to do in your work. But what is the one thing you want to master that will make all others secondary?

The celebration of my life through story and poetic language. The celebration of the quest. Existential feast. As much as I want to be everything. I couldn’t share everything. I don’t want to cloud the message, the atmosphere. I want to curate the experience. This is the life work.

Personal story + philosophy + poetic element

Should I share so I have somethijg to share? Or share when I have something to share?

Look, these are different goals. And different goals have different means to achieve them. The question then is what strat will you do: let the goal say the means or let the means say the goal?

  • if you intend to write beautiful newsletters, then you will constrain yourself to be messy.
  • If you want to be messy, you have to accept that your newsletter will be a bit unstructured and unbeautiful.