I now get the disconnect. The reason why I don’t think the career capital theory applies to all situations is because not all situations exist in the exchange economy. There are aspects of human life that resist supply and demand. These things reside in the gift economy. And this is where doing something you love vs. doing something for money could have a clear difference.

Obviously, some things we love can absolutely make money for us because they are highly valued by others and the economy. But no one can deny that certain things are important, and have to be done, but are not currently valued well in the economy or whose value in the exchange economy will come in the future (say the works of Van Gogh).

And so, my problem is defining whether what I want to dedicate my life to is indeed part of the exchange economy and can be valued well or not. If not, will I still continue doing it? How will I support myself materially and financially while doing it?

Main skill: philosophizing Secondary skill: writing beautifully

Other skills

  • Poetry
  • Photography
  • Web design and development