If you allow yourself to change your mind then you should allow yourself to let go of the past, of identities that no longer work. Yes i was assertive and had to be so to leave the church. But I can also be more understanding today, be more compassionate.

Don’t look for spiritual experiences. You won’t predict when they will come. Just be religious and do your best. Same with insights, just do your habits, show up. Same with happiness. Happiness is elusive. Just focus on doing the things that are highly possible to generate it.

Studying polythetic definitions is just an interesting exercise. I won’t agree with it eventually because nothing has persuaded me yet that essentialism is incorrect. I will stick with a monothetic definition. And the coginitive-affective-conative model is actually persuasive. Whatever endeavor that involves this can be said to be religious. I am intrested however in individuals who lived according to this framework.

My work has a religious element even if I am an agnostic.

Say Andukey Ya Akar

Say bilay ko et sakey ya andukey ya akar. Ag ak makapan-pirmi. Ag ak maka-alagar.

Onla ak diya. Onla ak diman. Ag ak makareen. Ag da ak napatundan manalmoy laen.

Balet sayan akar saksakey so pugtaan to. Aliwan sampot so makabaliksan no agta say dalan ya mismo.