I am doubting whether or not to use the word “religion” to the project I am doing. It seems too convoluted that it might create more questions and shun interest if I use it. And so I am acknowledging that there is a religosity associated to what I am doing, and that I now know that I could use the life of religious people as inspiration to my project. Perhaps this is enough.

Now what should I then call what I am creating? “Way of life” seems to be more apt.

We are not just cognitive beings. And this is the reason why I feel resonant with people with whom their cognitive achievements (beliefs) I do not resonate with. I resonate with them in the beauty of their creations or the goodness of their deeds (however I define good).

It is ok to be tribal, to find people I resonate more with, and to feel repeled by those I don’t resonate enough with. But this spontaneous desire to eradicate everyone different from us so that we have a more comfortable life is impossible and will likely result to something bad.

It seems to me then that personal religion is almost synonymous with spirituality as it is now used. Spirituality then is going back to the personal roots of religion. That said, the word is definitely loaded.