If I am a metaphysical platonist, which I think I am… then I am a supernaturalist. I believe in a different realm, the realm of abstracts, laws, and relationships that exist outside matter.

My stand in terms of ordinary language philo is to cultivate both… do not neglect critical thinking through analytical philo, but always try to convey your ideas clearly and down to earth. Use both approaches to write a philosophy that is truly practical.

I think the living in situation just made me see and is making me see how big a responsibility it is to be taking care of another human being. I need to help her because everything she goes through, I am affected.

Her being with me just makes sure that she is in a better position to help. Just because I am hands-on in helping her.

Lea needs to have an income goal. And then a plan on how to achieve that. But while she is walking towards that goal, she needs to be clear about what she can and can’t do. At the very minimum, she can’t help anyone if she doesn’t provide for her basic needs:

  • shelter: ₱2k
  • Internet: ₱690
  • Food: ₱5000
  • Emergency fund: ₱10,000

No traveling abroad together until that emergency fund is fulfilled.

No big birthday expenses or eating out with family until income is increased.