Success in navigating the geography of life relies on two forms of mastery:

  1. Analytical
  2. Emotional

Analytical is necessary to grapple with objective reality. Emotional is necessary to grapply with subjective reality.

Taken together, both knowledge propel us to take action (i.e., achieve finality).

Both are ways of relating with the geography. I must confess, I am naturally analytical. And yet I couldn’t shake off the emotion and always feel like it is relevant even if I am not yet sure how to use it.

How to write lyrical philo?

  • Achieve the state of mind you are in when doing poetry. But instead of a poem, write a line of thought.
  • Trace the history of the thought.
  • Express what u feel about the thought.
  • Use the self.

Perhaps I should make the journal strictly lyrical except if there is a nonlyrical subject that wants to be written by hand on the journaling session.

Journal - free writing but priotitizes lyrical form (my feelings, my thoughts about, the history of my ideas)

Talahardin - free analytical

Lyrical philo - expressions of both truth and emotion. This is what I want to publish and share to the world.

Research: how did philosophers attempted to produce lyrical philosophy.