I need both theory and being. The middle way. Theory to stir me to truth. Being to move me and enjoy this one precious life.

It is impossible to be totally objective. Because the essence of being human is subjectivity. So yes, a human being cannot be totally objective.


  1. We have access (meaning we are able to know) absolute objective knowledge.
  2. Through meditation and mindfulness training, we are able to lessen attachment to past held beliefs and judgments, which is useful for developing compassion.

But what does access to objective knowledge mean? I think it means:

  • we can understand
  • We can articulate

What if metaphysics is something I best tackle by myself. When I am out in the world, I dont have to make it a crusade. Just focus on joy and compassion.

Find true things and get them to be moving.

No find true things and things that move you.