Philosophy is still my main work. The most important work is studying and living (writing is already part of studying). Sharing is writing for others, which is not necessarily the point of it all.

While Thoreau saw it as his function to speak up, I don’t see that as a fundamental necessity. The core of my work does not involve others. Just myself.

And so, the activities I need to invest on:

  • reading
  • journaling
  • Note-writing
  • Walking

Photography and poetry lies in sharing. They are meant to give color to my writing. Although I might need to explore the possibility of photography improving my philosophical practice.

Photography is not integral to philosophy if I still treat philosophy as this academic intellectual theory-only exercise.

But if I take philosophy as a way to deepen life both happiness and meaning, then photography takes on a different function. It becomes integral to the philosophical practice.

  • I can take a philosophical thought and look for a photo to represent it.
  • I can use photography in combination with walking to deepen my relationship with place and Nature.
  • I can use it simply to elevate moments like I do with poetry.