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I see what is left from the farmer’s work today. Bundles of rice seedlings yet to be planted on the side of a still empty flooded lot.

What if voice is simply one’s choice of place and subject? One’s niche? Or that place, subject, and niche facilitate the emergence of a voice?

We are constrained by our environment anyway. So Thoreau’s voice was honed by Concord and Walden and his subject was what those places had: Nature.

When I take a photo I either simply respond to fancy or I look closer. The challenge in walking in Nature is that the subjects could be similar. Trees, grass, sky. One has to look closer.

Living and documenting that living. That is the work you are most attracted to. But the central question is the living itself. Perhaps even more important than writing or contemplation. But what I argued in the previous Uman is that writing and contemplation (done by myself) is part of that living.

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