5:30-7:00 pm Matic-Matic

The dirt roads, that turned to farm to market roads, are like my kissas. I went to them, attracted to them organically. It is there where I met farmers, say hi to them, talk shortly. But I was more interested in self-renewal than anthropology. These spaces, the last silent spaces, that are outdoors. That makes this semi-ascetic life possible in the Philippines. This is what I am looking for.

The life work will consist of:

  • compiling field notes
  • Writing walk narratives
  • Compiling thoughts and other children of the mind from those walks.
  • Taking photographs

Top 30 goals

  1. To reach a point where I have a good grasp of my life philosophy, purpose, vision, and mission.
  2. To achieve a level of proficiency in writing that makes me feel good and confident.
  3. To achieve a level of proficiency in photography that makes me feel good and confident.
  4. To publish a book about walking, photography, and philosophy.
  5. To achieve a healthy mind and body.
  6. To be in a thriving and loving relationship.
  7. To be part of a close circle of friends that accept me for who I am and support my goals.
  8. To be part of a larger community where I can contribute my gifts and feel seen.
  9. To be financially resilient, abundant, and independent.

Your mentors, therefore, are walking contemplatives (i.e. they used walking as personal development)

  • Thoreau
  • Dillard
  • (The Japanese poet who walked)

Diary sessions should talk about yesterday’s walk but more. It has to talk about what is happening inside my head, my emotions, my feelings. You will only be able to do this well if you have taken good field notes in the first place.

A pact I did with walking.