Bay is interestingly quite good for pedestrians at least on some areas. Good sidewalks with some shade.

I said good morning to a woman. She seemed surprised.

Bay: gardens, junkshops, mamihans

Since walking is hard, moments of relief (cold breeze, shade, water) are priceless.

Twice i saw a woman washing clothes along the road or near the gate.

Walking is hard at first. And then it gets easy. And then it gets hard again.

Finally… a waiting shed!

Calauan: Pineapples, pineapples, pineapples

Salamat sa ulap na yan. Wala na ang araw.

Tons of catholic chapels in Calauan.

Calauan to San Pablo is elevated! Maygad, it’s a hike!

Calauan to San Pablo highway reminds me of Ben Palispis Highway (Marcos Highway) with lots of slow-moving noisy trucks ang lines of cars trailing behind them.

Cumulonimbus clouds hovering above. Hopefully no rain yet. Some kapok flying around. A large yellow butterfly enters my umbrella.

San Pablo: ube halaya

San Pablo feels like lb in that it is a hybrid of industrialization and nature. Lb is a lone mountain, san pablo 7 lakes. But there is a feeling that San Pablo is older, more matured, refined, larger. Obviously it is a City. But unlike LB where nature is embedded into artifacts of industry, the lakes of san pablo are almost detach from it. When u combine a lake with a city, you don’t feel it. combine a mountain with a industrializing municipality and u will always feel it. Domineering. It is there.

For the sake of comparison, I would say that san pablo’s lakes are gentle, feminine compared to Lb’s makiling. I know makiling is feminine too. But she is a masculine feminine, always looking at you. While the lakes, u don’t feel them until you get to them.