5:30-7:30 pm Velasco-Ela-Rambutan-Pili-IPB

Flowers from this tree just falling down. Lots of cyclists. Thunderstorm on the horizon. Finches on the grass. Mansanitas too ripe they smell so good. I pick up three. A bird is singing somewhere in this tree nearby.

I am more like in my true nature when walking along rice fields.

In June, the cold is really good for the soul in LB.

I saw a kitten at the foot path along the wall that separates the fields in Pili Drive from what looks like a community of settlers behind it. I was about to take the cat when a boy and what looked like his father walked passed us. The cat followed them. Then the boy took it and ran back to where they came from. He returned it to a girl. The cat has an owner, but they also rescued it from the street.