This looks like a big antipolo tree. Really huge. Almost three or more floors high. Vines wrap around it. Banana trees abound too. And these are large ones also.

The church bell was striked once then rang a few times. Then another strike. Then rang again. And another strike. Then rang again. And there was no strike. 6:10 pm.

What is my writing goal?

I have mastered my mind, habits, and environment, and have optimized thinking, reading, and writing about being in place, in nature and social spaces, and through my writing I have attracted a sufficient audience to support me become a full-time writer out of patronage.

A leaf crosses the road.

That court where they were playing basketball would be the edge of the camp. Outside of it. Imagine prisoners inside watching the game outside. Would have been a decent way to pass time. But the prisoners were allowed to play inside too, at least for a while at the beginning of the camp.