The last month of the year prompted me to read books so they could make the cut off for my hero books of 2020. This month, I finished the following books: LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring, How to Take Smart Notes, and Dept. of Speculation. Through Rem, I discovered Rofel Brion’s poems. I bought two of his books and tried to finish one so it could make it to my 2020 hero books. But I didn’t want to rush reading it, so it didn’t make it to the list. My most important breakthrough for the month was discovering zettelkasten and studying Sonke Ahrens’ book about it. This lead me to trying out Roam (among other apps) and Andy Matuschak’s note-writing system. Creating a zettelkasten is an important part of my life management system. Since it was the holiday season, it was also a month of connecting to friends and family. Migs went home after passing the boards. We bonded together and I also got to see my friends in Binmaley. Bobet told me about carpool services, which changed my life for the following weeks. I am not living in Los Banos and reunited with Lea because of him. The Tungko also got together before the end of the year, and I received a beautiful poem and a blind contour drawing from Maui. In my creative life, I released an article detailing my multipotentialite journey. There I first admitted to the public that I only work 5-10 days a month. While the article was received well, it also received some criticism, which I accepted gracefully. I also finished reading Thoreau’s journal this month. During this month, I tended Doji’s wound. I also received a potential credit card fraud problem, which I handled with emotional maturity.

Good Events

  • Discovering Rofel Brion’s poems
  • Experienced Benjie’s art journal slides
  • Started reading Lifelong Kindergarten
  • Started exploring Thomas Sowell’s work starting with “Cosmic Justice”
  • Started reading How to Take Smart Notes
  • Discovered Andy Matuschak’s note-taking process and modified my daily writing routine to follow it
  • Lea sent me flowers
  • Migs passed the medical board. He came home and we bonded.
  • Met Meg’s British boyfriend: Josh
  • Discovering the magic of fish ponds in BInmaley
  • Spent an evening with my friends in Binmaley, and learned about how I can start the Lipat Laguna project
  • Experienced my very first exchange tula
  • Received a very beautiful poem from Maui

Setback and Challenges

  • Made a mistake of pouring ACV on Doji’s open wound. Felt bad after hearing him cry.
  • Had a credit card fraud problem but thankfully it didn’ affect my balance since the transactions failed.

Personal Triumphs

  • First time to admit to public that I only work around 5-10 days a month.
  • Able to receive and accept feedback on one of my essays, and rewrite the essay based on that feedback.
  • Finished reading Thoreau’s journal
  • Studied Roam
  • Tried my first Weekly Review in Roam
  • I was emotionally stable the entire day even after learning about the credit card fraud
  • First time to ride a bus since the pandemic







Weekly Newsletter

Insights and Lessons

  • I learned that the utong of agayep is called “paltong”.
  • I cannot escape philosophy to do art and vice versa. I need to do both.
  • Read an enlightening article from Cato Commentary and learned the necessity of child labor in some parts of the world
  • Learned how to make a DIY e-collar for Doji

Media Consumption


  • The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
  • Dept. of Speculation


  • Interstellar (rewatched)
  • For No Good Reason
  • John Wick
  • Oda sa Wala (which I watched without pausing)
  • Balangiga: Howling Wilderness
  • Supermensch
  • A Portrait of a Lady on Fire
  • Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse
  • Blade Runner 2049 (rewatched)

TV Series

  • The Crown Season 4


  • Coco Banana Playlist



  • David Sedaris’ Masterclass