5:05 PM

Sky reading

  • North: low stratus clouds with cumulonimbus above. Possible signs of downpour in farther places
  • East: cordillera covered with low stratus. Cumulonimbus above.
  • South: some cumulus. Possibly cumulonimbus. But a lot clearer. No signs of rain there.
  • West: clearer too with some cumulus and smaller cumulonimbus clouds above

Doing sky reading helps me notice more. It doesn’t achieve a larger project. It just helps me notice.

Some rice plants grew near the edges of the field where more water is trapped and water plants possibly kankong grow abundantly. They were not harvested and will possibly be wasted. They might get at least 1/4 a sack if they’ll harvest these one by one. The harvester probably was afraid to drive through these water plants. The driver may thought it could destroy his machine.

It’s almost as if someone planted corns along the road. But these in fact are weeds! How abundant they grow!