It is getting colder now and sunset has been early.

Moon is already bright at this time. Almost full.

Sky reading

  • North: some low cumulus and stratus clouds. Altosrratus, alrocumulus and clear sky above.
  • East: cumulus over the tip of the cordillera. Blue sky and altocumulus above
  • South: low cumulus clouds and clear sky
  • West: low cumulus and stratus. Some Altocumulus and altostratus above with clear sky.
  • Clear sky overhead

There are too many children in this country. While biking I had to go through groups of teenage boys.

A lone young girl is fishing perhaps frogs in the irrigation. The irrigation is too dirty and I am doubtful that frogs are there.

beautiful mackarel sky in West. Altocumulus and altostratus. Signs of a storm coming

I am a philosopher. I want to be one. But what will I philosophize about? Ginhawa. The life is the philosophy. This means that I need to work on living a good life first because that is where the material for my philosophy lies. A philosophy that is both rational and experiential.

I do not know if I have a strong desire to philosophize about nature and put it at the center of my life. But I won’t be able to escape it. If my answer to the question how should I live? Is In a maginhawa way. And I need to find proofs, evidences, basis to my claims and decision, I need to confront the confluence of everything.

But this is a work where as you philosophize about how to live you also are living life itself. So you start on what is already readily available.

What I want people to get from my work is that I am able to provide then a closer answer to the question every week.