Recorded the bird song of a small brown bird that I often hear and who perched near my window.


Sky Reading

  • North: Clear blue sky with some low to altocumulus clouds
  • East: Altostratus with some very low cumulus clouds covering the cordillera. Some large low cumulus clouds showing some overgrowth. May or may not rain later. I would wager it won’t.
  • South: Less clear. Low cumulus clouds with some diffused stratus but not enough to block the sun. Today is clearer than the past few days.
  • West: More stratus than cumulus but some clear blue sky is visible.



Sky Reading

  • North: Has some clear skies but filled with low and heavy cumulus clouds although no signs of rain.
  • East: Cordillera is covered with fog (low stratus clouds). There are cululonimbus clouds above it.
  • South: Covered with low stratus with some heavy cumulus to cumulonimbus clouds with some clear blue sky above.
  • West: Covered by a long strip of overgrown low cumulonimbus and some probable signs of falling rain.
  • Cumulonimbus overhead with some sky clearance

I saw the seagull-like bird hovering over a rice paddy being tilled by a motor tractor. A boy was throwing stones at them.

Herons were abundant in the tilled rice paddies.

A young man was tilling the soil using a motorized machine on my left. An old man was tilling the soil by using his weight, sitting on a sledge, and letting the carabao drag him across the paddy.

Went back to the pond. I resolved to look for a new trail. I can’t go back to the right trail because there were two old men on the tip of the path. I decided to try to discover a new watch spot on the left trail.

I saw three young calf basking under the late afternoon sun.

I found a path towards a rice paddy below. The path was forested. While looking for a path down the rice paddy, I heard an unusual sound. At first I thought it was inside a tree. Probably a frog that’s making a really unusual sound. I recorded the sound only to find out I was actually quite far yet from its origin. It was a bird song and the song was perhaps striking the tree branches creating a wooden sound.

Rain clouds were hovering above me and there were some lightning and thunder. I was afraid it would rain while I was looking for a trail but I was ready anyway.

I brought my bike down with me and dragged it along this wet rice paddy.

I was not disappointed. I found what is perhaps the best vantage point of the pond so far.

I left around 5:50 worrying that the sky will start falling. While there, I came with some realizations that I may not have had if I didn’t see the view. I realized that I need to organize my entire life according to what’s really important to me and that my interests have hierarchies based on this organizing principle. I also became convinced that I need to speak my truth clearer and more regularly and I can do that by implementing a publishing schedule and sticking to it. The world needs to see what I am seeing.