Observed two Yellow-vented Bulbuls outside my window

Leaves are also falling even if there is no Autumn in the Philippines. Or maybe there is?

Identified this plant as joy-weed.

Tropical whiteweed (bulak-manok)

Sky reading

  • Sky filled with altostratus clouds
  • Some nimbustratus and cumulonimbus forming
  • Low cumulus clouds medium-sized on southeast
  • Windy
  • Probably rain later (it didn’t)


4:44 pm

Sky reading

  • Will not rain this afternoon
  • Cumulus clouds not yet as dark as rain clouds on the tip of cordillera
  • East part of the sky filled with cumulus clouds
  • Cumulus clouds in the north too but not so grown as to become rainclouds
  • Sky is clearer in southwest although medium cumulus clouds visible
  • If this grown cumulus continues to grow it might rain in the evening

I saw the bird that feeds with herons during harvest. It has a short tail. White. Long thin wings. Beak is long and thin. Really efficient for feeding on watery surfaces.

5:12 pond

Found the fourth spot to watch the pond.

The two large birds are here. But the boys are around. I was wrong then. What happened before was not intelligence but pure coincidence. What this shows is not the intelligence of these birds but their braveness, their wildness. They will have their fish even if the boys are around.

I wanted to find a way to the right side of the bank where the cows were grazing. On my first attempt, I was lost. There was a path between the mango trees but it led to a dead end. It can be a jumping point to the lake but not a place to observe the lake.

I continued to look for the path. I already went to this path before. Saw more of the mini forest. Plants grow undisturbed.

I missed hiking after seeing this slope.

At the end of this path was a small hut and a wide beautiful field. But there was no grazing cows and no place to watch the lake, only a small dirty marsh. I went back and thought this was the end of the lake. But I was wrong. The path to the grazing cows should be beside/behind this wide field. Should go back and check it out.

While going back to the main road to the lake, I caught a beautiful glimpse of the sunset sky.

Started walking back to the third observation spot. The best spot so far. Along the way, I saw mushrooms sprouting out from cow dung.

Took photos of some plants along the way. Many of which I can’t identify. Will need to do some more work to identify them.

I was wrong. Snail eggs still around although perhaps not as abundant as before.

Three dragon flies or two on repeated dancing.

I saw that some small lotus were coming out of the mud just beside the water. So lotus could grow on soil as well as on water? Are they amphibious?

Went home by 6:00 pm as usual.